Non Non Biyori


Non Non Biyori is a slice of life anime. It shows you what they do in their everyday lives. Ichijou Hotaru and her parents moved from Tokyo to the middle of the country. She goes to a school where there are only a total of 5 students and a teacher in the whole campus. The school consists of a 1st grader, a 5th grader, a 7th grader, an 8th grader, and a 9th grader. This anime just basically shows you their lives in the country. I like it. It has a soothing feeling to it and it’s funny. I mean seriously, imagine you going to a school with only 5 people. That’s…wow. And there’s barely any stores in here. The closest you can get is a candy store. It’s like a one big family in a little village where people don’t have to lock their houses because everyone’s that nice. In the school, one of the teacher’s student is her sister and 3 other students are siblings. I would actually love to live in a peaceful place like this once in a while. 


My favorite character is this girl right here, the one holding a recorder and has purple hair. Her name is Miyauchi Renge. Renge is a very random child who likes to make up her own words (like what she’s saying in the picture. It’s her own way of saying good morning) and songs. She usually wears a poker face but she also shows other expressions. Despite her blank expression, she is very friendly and social. She is loved by all characters, I mean it’s kind of hard not to. She is so cute and I love how random she is. It’s especially cute when she starts staring at one of the characters. :3


(From left to right) Ichijou Hotaru, Koshigaya Natsumi, Miyauchi Renge, Koshigaya Komari. Ok so judging from their height, you’d probably think that the tallest one is the oldest. Well you’re wrong, Komari is actually the oldest (the one on the far right). Hotaru is actually a 5th grader, Renge’s a 1st grader, Natsumi’s a 7th grader, and Komari is an 8th grader. When you get to one of the episodes where they go to the beach, it’s really hard to tell that Hotaru’s a 5th grader. 

ImageOk so this is Hotaru now.

Image This was Hotaru last year.

Like seriously, how does someone grow that fast?! I wanna know her secrets T.T Hotaru also admires her senpai, Komari.


My second favorite is Natsumi. She is seriously hilarious. She is really energetic and irresponsible. She can’t sit still and she likes to make everything fun and that’s what I like about her. She is often scolded by her mom about her grades and stuff like not cleaning her room. When her mom starts getting mad she calls it the Armageddon. I love how she exaggerated that, it’s so funny. She usually hides her report cards and test scores from her mom. I mean who wouldn’t with those scores? My mom would kill me if my grades were that bad. Natsumi is such a comedian.


Then there’s this guy, Suguru, Komari and Natsumi’s older brother. He’s a ninth grader and her never talks in the anime. He participates in some stuff but you never hear him say a word. There was a time where he almost spoke but was interrupted by someone. He’s actually really good at guitar and some other stuff too, like studying, falling into a hole in the school, and making anime cat figurines out of clay. This guy just seems like he has no care in the world. He let his sister make him into a scarecrow. 

So you know if you have time you should watch this. It may be boring in the beginning but it gets funnier. It only has 12 short episodes. I watched this in one day so you should be able to make some time. If you’re looking for an easygoing anime to watch, you should watch Non Non Biyori.

Ok STORY TIME: There was actually this one part in the show where one of the girls (Natsumi) was putting some pepper in her noodles. You know how there’s like little holes on the container so that only a little pepper would come out? Well the cap fell off so all the pepper inside fell in. And my brothers and I laughed at this. And while we were laughing I was putting some pepper on my breakfast. I was all like, “How stupid,” while I laughed and then the same thing happened to me, the cap fell off and I ended up eating a bowl full pepper. Haha