Midousuji Needs to Chill

I am currently watching Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road and seriously Midousuji just needs to calm down. Looking at him is, honestly, hilarious.


I thought he looked crazy in the first picture but not as crazy as this one


What in the world is this?! When he was younger, he was actually pretty cute. I thought his shyness was adorable at some point and how the sky on his way home from visiting his mother from the hospital made him happy. When he mentioned that yellow is the color of happiness, I thought, “Wow, maybe he has a soft side after all.”

midousuji young

I’m still having some mixed feelings for this guy. I’m not sure if I actually like him or not. Although, there are times when I don’t. Like the part when he called Ishigaki, his teammate, gross for relying and caring for him.

But seriously though, he needs to chill from time to time. -R!N