Akuma no Riddle (Episode 1, 2, & 3)


Ok, so just to warn you, this is a yuri anime. But after watching a couple of episodes, you can’t really tell that it is. I really like it so far. It mostly contains action and you’ll understand once you read the summary.

Summary: Ichinose Haru is a student at a private girls’ boarding school, Myoujou Academy, who is being targeted by 12 assassins disguised as students. Azuma Tokaku is an assassin who also initially targets Haru, but develops feelings for her and decides to protect her from the other assassins instead.

At the moment, I don’t really know why Haru’s being targeted. All I know is that she is not normal. On episode 2 it showed her body that’s full of scars and she said so herself that people have been targeting her since she was a child. She’s really mysterious to me right and I wanna know more.

akuma no riddle creepy 101

– These assassins are really creepy. There’s one girl who was so quiet when she was in the classroom but then when night came she got all creepy, like she has two personalities or something. In the beginning they look all harmless but since they’re assassins, you can expect them to be really dangerous. In the third episode, one of the assassins went yandere on Haru. She started licking her scissors when she thought of stabbing her and letting her die little by little.


There’s also this guy named Kaiba who sends Tokaku riddles by email. And these riddles really made me think hard. The first riddle was, “The World is filled with ____” It’s not really what you call a riddle. When you hear riddle, you’d think of a joke but this doesn’t seem like one of those. If you were asked this question, what would you put in that blank? Because Tokaku kept on getting her answers wrong, she asks Haru for her opinion. Haru said “forgiveness” and Tokaku didn’t believe it was true but since she got nothing to lose anyway, she answered it with forgiveness and Kaiba said that it was correct. It’s impossible to find just one answer to this question. The world is filled with a lot of things.


There weren’t really any yuri scenes in the first couple of episodes. The closest you can probably get is a hug and that time when Tokaku flipped Haru’s skirt up so she can take a look at the scars on her legs. What I’m really obsessing right now is the opening song. I just love it! The video, the song, it’s awesome.

I read the manga first before I saw the anime so I kind of knew what was coming. But it was still good. Nothing really happened in the first episode though. The characters were introduced and the target was confirmed. It’s in episode 2 where things really start turning. Everybody’s gonna make a move and try to kill Haru. *squeel* I hope the next episode has a lot of action in it. I can’t wait!



Haikyuu!! (First Impressions)



Haikyuu!! is finally out and I am loving it! I’d never thought I would watch volleyball anime. This sport has never really been my thing but it’s really cool how it’s Boys’ Volleyball. So I was thinking, “Wow, it’s kind of rare for me to see guys play volleyball so Imma watch it.” And it turned out better than I expected. The first episode was like “WOAH” for me. I didn’t know volleyball could be that exciting cuz I mean I’ve always been terrible at volleyball, always scared of the ball. I just really like it, the first episode was exciting. 

Summary: A chance event triggered Hinata Shouyou’s love for volleyball. His club had no members, but he somehow made it into his first and final middle school match with a team he made at the last minute. He ended up playing against Kageyama Tobio, a superstar player known as “King of the Court” and was sadly defeated. Vowing revenge, Hinata applied to Karasuno High School Volleyball club only to come face-to-face with his hated rival Kageyama.


Shouyou (orange hair) is energetic and positive and Kageyama looks like the “always pissed off” type so I guess you could say they’d be the kind who hates each other. In the first episode when they did a match, nobody took Shouyou’s team seriously, nobody except Kageyama. I guess everyone in his team besides Shouyou didn’t really know how to play volleyball so their opponents were very laid back. Shouyou shocked Kageyama with his jump and how fast he was. Shouyou’s team lost in the end and the game didn’t last long but it was a good game. I really liked how Shouyou would always dive for the ball and run for it even though there’s no way he could make it. 


Shouyou specializes in jumping to compensate for his lack of height. Honestly, when I saw him he did look like a shrimp but when I saw him jump, I thought he was pretty cool. So right now, he’s my favorite character. I mean look at that pose…. perfection!

So I recommend you guys try watching episode 1. It’s still ongoing of course, it’s only in it’s 1st episode.

Man, sports anime just grabs me and don’t let go. Have you ever felt that way? -R!n



This is seriously a MUST WATCH anime. I really enjoyed watching this because, well, it’s mystery and I love mystery. But it’s not all mystery, it also has action and comedy. I’m hoping for a 2nd season because (SPOILER) they left you hanging at the end.

Summary: “Minimum” – a special inborn power found in a limited number of human beings known as “minimum holders.” In Yokohama, a group of detectives called Hamatora becomes involved in an investigation concerning a serial killer killing minimum holders like them.

So Minimum holders are basically people who have special abilities that are activated when a certain condition is meant. For example, your power will only activate if you take off your glasses.


Nice (one with headphones) and Murasaki (one with glasses) are known as the “Minimum Holder PI duo.” Ironically, Nice is not that nice lol, although he does care for his friends. He takes jobs based on their content, not on their reward. Nice possesses supernatural abilities of “seeing” sounds and uses it to travel in the sound waves itself. The requirement for this ability is that he has to put on his headphones that he carries all the time and snap his fingers everytime he goes to sonic mode. Murasaki usually takes on jobs based on the reward, not the content itself which usually causes an argument between him and Nice. He is also very sincere and considerate of others. Murasaki’s ability is activated when he removes his glasses. His body hardens, giving him strength beyond a normal body could muster.


Art is the superintendent of the Yokohama Police Department. He doesn’t possess a Minimum and has known Nice since he was a kid. Art is said to have shown potential for having a Minimum but was never able to actualize it. Although it may not seem like it, but Art is a very important character in the story. You will know once you watch it. So… watch it 🙂


Birthday (yes that’s his name) is a jolly, laid back person. He is usually grinning, even in battle. Birthday’s minimum allows him to control electricity when he bites directly on anything with an electrical current. He activates his abilities by biting the end of a taser. He carries that taser everywhere he goes. I like him because



Ratio is a doctor and Birthday’s partner. Ratio has the ability to observe the muscular structure of his opponents, which allows him to easily find their weak spots. His ability is activated when he takes off his eye patch on his right eye. Ratio’s arms are also made out of solid material (as you see in the picture above), which allows him to pack a punch during battle. Ratio and Birthday have known each other since they were kids. I think it’s pretty cool that he has golden arms and an eyepatch. Y’know I’ve always wanted to wear an eyepatch in the beginning of High School but never got to XD

hamatora honey and three


Honey (the girl) and Three are usually always together. They’re partners. Honey met Three when she was very young and was the first the accept him after he has failed to save a group of children. After that, Three has promised to protect Honey for the rest of his life. Honey’s minimum utilizes a device that looks like a tablet to see 10 minutes into the future. Using this device, she can view what’s going to happen in a certain place in the next 10 minutes but she can only view a small part of the city. She activates this by biting a tiger shaped sweet that looks like a lolipop.

Three was once a mercenary who could kill multiple men without getting hurt. Three is able to unleash his inner beast by holding the Bible and asking the Lord for forgiveness. With this, he can become really strong, like a beast. He may not look it but he actually likes to read manga lol He also runs and orphanage.

hamatora last


You guys should really watch this anime. Even Hajime-chan recommends it. It’s really cool. My favorite is Hajime (the one in the hat). Hajime loves food. I’m not really sure what her power is but apparently she becomes really strong when she’s hungry lol. Another one of my favorite is Birthday. Mainly because of his name and he’s funny.

The names of the people in this anime are kind of weird but awesome. It only has 12 short episodes so you would be able to watch it. But it did hint that there would a continuation because it said To be continued at the end of episode 12.

There are some really crazy sh*t in this anime. Like in the last couple of episodes, sh*t gets real. And when you find out the reason to why the serial killer is targeting minimum holders, you are gonna flip. Well I flipped so I don’t know about you. XD So anyways watch it! 🙂 -R!n