Blood Lad (SPOILER Alert!)



Summary: Staz Blood is a vampire boss of a section of the demon world. Despite being a vampire, he’s more interested in the Japanese culture than he is in human blood. When he learned that Yanagi Fuyumi, a Japanese teenage girl, accidentally wanders into the demon world, he jumps to the occasion. But while he was dealing with an intruder in his territory, Fuyumi is killed by a monster and turns into a wandering ghost. Staz vows to her that he will find a way to bring her back to life. 


This is a really funny anime and you guys should watch it. My favorite character is Staz’s little sister, Liz. She may act all tough but behind that mask, literally behind a mask, is an adorable little girl! She’s so cute, I wanna hug her. Liz is in charge of keeping order in Hell, determining whether an individual is guilty or not and gives punishment to those who are guilty. Liz feels rejected by her oldest brother Braz as he pays more attention to Staz. This caused her to despise Staz. Liz tries to act to be the “good girl” his oldest brother wants him to be. Liz is a very lonely girl wit no friends, but later in the story she grows fond of Fuyumi after she tells her she’ll always be with her. 


Look at this adorable face :3



And this is Hydra Bell, a sorceress of the highest quality. Bell is a bubbly person, but she’s also smart and clever. She is attracted to powerful men, which is one of the reasons why she fell in love with Staz. She is really good at using spatial magic, the ability to travel through space and transport just about anywhere, kind of like a magic portal. Although, she requires a frame to do this kind of magic. I like her because she’s funny.



Ok, so apparently Bell and Fuyumi are sisters. It is said that demons have a doppelganger (a look alike) in the human world. If both doppelgangers meet, they both combine as one. One day, Bell and her demon mother went to the human world where her mother meets Fuyumi’s mom. Of course, Fuyumi and Bell were young and didn’t know this. Neyn, whose body contains both mothers decided to live in the demon world which was a hard decision for her since she had to leave Fuyumi behind (of course Fuyumi’s dad was there to take care of her). So when Fuyumi entered the demon world, Neyn ordered her son, Knell, to bring her to her for a reunion.

So all this got me thinking, what if I have a doppelganger? Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d be scared though. haha


Oh yeah, this is how she looks after the combination. 🙂


Yeah, you gotta watch this. That’s Fuyumi by the way :3 It’s really funny and it only has 10 episodes. Not that long, so you can watch it easily. 😀 Well see ya. I’m playing Pokemon right now xD -R!n 


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