Sakura Trick Episode 9 (HAHA)



Ok so in this episode I was hoping that they’d kiss like usual. I’m not saying that they did not kiss, cuz they did. But they weren’t shown. In the first part, Haruka and Yuu were talking on the phone. Before hanging up, Yuu kissed her phone, as if kissing Haruka and Haruka did the same. It’s like a “Kiss me through the phone” thing. 



And there’s also the part where Haruka and Yuu took a detour on the way to school. Their friends thought it was weird on how they would take the long way instead of the short one, so they tailed them. When they got there, they were nowhere to be found so they thought they were in those round things (picture above) and they were. You can totally hear them moaning and all that so it’s safe to assume that they were kissing but it wasn’t shown. (They didn’t get caught by the way).


The only kiss that was shown in this episode was this here (pic above) even though it was only in the forehead. So unexpected though. President Mitsuki tripped and Haruka went to catch her, but this happened. LOL I wonder if the Pres is satisfied now. Of course after that, she ran away at full speed. 

Haha! -R!n


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