Midousuji Needs to Chill

I am currently watching Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road and seriously Midousuji just needs to calm down. Looking at him is, honestly, hilarious.


I thought he looked crazy in the first picture but not as crazy as this one


What in the world is this?! When he was younger, he was actually pretty cute. I thought his shyness was adorable at some point and how the sky on his way home from visiting his mother from the hospital made him happy. When he mentioned that yellow is the color of happiness, I thought, “Wow, maybe he has a soft side after all.”

midousuji young

I’m still having some mixed feelings for this guy. I’m not sure if I actually like him or not. Although, there are times when I don’t. Like the part when he called Ishigaki, his teammate, gross for relying and caring for him.

But seriously though, he needs to chill from time to time. -R!N


Kill la Kill (Anime Review)


Summary: Honnouji Academy, where an elite group of students is granted superhuman power by their special uniforms called the “Goku Uniform,” is ruled by student council president Kiryuin Satsuki. Matoi Ryuko transfers to Honnouji in search of the person who killed her father. Ryuko confronts Satsuki, who seems to have some information.

This is a really, really, really awesome anime! It’s definitely a must watch. It’s full of action, comedy, and some fanservice. I really love the plot. The truth behind all of this is gonna blow your mind, well at least it blew mine.


My favorite character is Mankanshoku Mako. Mako is Matoi Ryuko’s bestfriend. She is seriously funny. There would be a dramatic and emotional fight and all of a sudden Mako just pops up and throws in some comedy in it. Mako is a hyperactive, carefree, and loving girl. She can also be very lazy. In episode one, you see her sleeping immediately after she eats. Actually you see her sleeping everyday in class. In Honnouji, your rank is based on stars. The more stars you have, the stronger. The highest rank is a 3 star I think. The higher your rank is, the better your life will be (bigger house, more money etc). Since Mako is a no star student, she’s very poor. But her family is the funniest. They may be poor, but they’re a happy family.


I swear I love everything about this girl. She’s just so random. There’s a war going on behind her, and she’s just eating. Mako lights up the mood. She brings a smile to people’s faces. When Ryuko is in trouble, she doesn’t hesitate to jump in danger to save her. She cares so much about the people she loves. She’s basically the comedian of the show.


(STORY TIME!) The Mankanshoku family loves to eat. They always eat the same thing everyday but they don’t seem to get tired of it. Her family actually reminds me of my own. In one of the episodes, Mako and her family becomes wealthy and greedy. They act like one of those rich people who just throws money around. They don’t even eat at the same table anymore. Money changed them and the fun disappeared. My family and I used to eat together and it was so fun. Now, we don’t even eat at the same time anymore. It’s still fun sometimes, but everybody has their own thing going on now that they rarely have time for each other.


These four are called the Elite Four. They’re the top members of the student council, answering only to Kiryuin Satsuki. They all have 3 star Goku uniforms. They’re very loyal to Satsuki and are very protective of her. If you need bodyguards, they’re the best you can have. But they’re not just following Satsuki out of fear, they care about her for real.

Sanageyama Uzu – (Athletic Committee Chair) Sanageyama relies on his eyes too much that he was defeated by Ryuko so he had his eyes sewn shut so he can rely on his other senses more.

Gamagoori Ira – (Disciplinary Committee Chair) Gamagoori is the “Impenetrable Shield.” He is a large, and muscular young man and often shouts when a rule is broken. He is very honorable and has a strong resolve. When he was defeated by Ryuko, he was about to kill himself when Satsuki stopped him. Gamagoori’s relationship with Mako has evolved over time. At first, he viewed her as just a regular no star student but towards the end, it is implied that he has romantic feelings for her.

They’re so cute though, I totally ship them together! One time when Mako was lost, he vowed to her family that he would find her. He even put his life in danger to protect her >.<

Inumuta Houka – (Information and Strategy Committee Chair) Inumuta wears a collar-neck suit, which at the collar, opens whenever he talks. Inumuta usually wears clothes that have collars that can cover up his mouth and he wears blue glasses. Inumuta is a hacker. You can say he’s the brains in the Elite Four. He cares about his data a lot and he likes to collect people’s data when battling.

Jakuzure Nonon – (Non-Athletic Committee Chair) Although Nonon looks cute and sweet, she is highly manipulative. She often teases and mocks her fellow Elites. She calls Sanageyama a monkey, Gamagoori a frog, Inumuta a dog, and Mako an underachiever. Nonon’s 3 star Goku uniform represents that of a drum major and she’s the conductor. Nonon has known Satsuki since kindergarten so she believes that she is closer to Satsuki than the others.

I like Nonon. She has her annoying moments but her voice is somewhat cute. I don’t know why but I like her voice. :3


Ryuko doesn’t like how Satsuki does things. She challenged her every chance she gets. I would like to tell more about them but that would spoil the show so you are just gonna have to watch it. 🙂 It’s really good. It only has 24 episodes and it’s totally worth your time. Was their meeting fate or a coincidence? If you don’t already know, you will find out the truth about Goku uniforms and the truth about these two. So I recommend you guys watch it. See ya 😀 -R!n

Akuma no Riddle (Episode 1, 2, & 3)


Ok, so just to warn you, this is a yuri anime. But after watching a couple of episodes, you can’t really tell that it is. I really like it so far. It mostly contains action and you’ll understand once you read the summary.

Summary: Ichinose Haru is a student at a private girls’ boarding school, Myoujou Academy, who is being targeted by 12 assassins disguised as students. Azuma Tokaku is an assassin who also initially targets Haru, but develops feelings for her and decides to protect her from the other assassins instead.

At the moment, I don’t really know why Haru’s being targeted. All I know is that she is not normal. On episode 2 it showed her body that’s full of scars and she said so herself that people have been targeting her since she was a child. She’s really mysterious to me right and I wanna know more.

akuma no riddle creepy 101

– These assassins are really creepy. There’s one girl who was so quiet when she was in the classroom but then when night came she got all creepy, like she has two personalities or something. In the beginning they look all harmless but since they’re assassins, you can expect them to be really dangerous. In the third episode, one of the assassins went yandere on Haru. She started licking her scissors when she thought of stabbing her and letting her die little by little.


There’s also this guy named Kaiba who sends Tokaku riddles by email. And these riddles really made me think hard. The first riddle was, “The World is filled with ____” It’s not really what you call a riddle. When you hear riddle, you’d think of a joke but this doesn’t seem like one of those. If you were asked this question, what would you put in that blank? Because Tokaku kept on getting her answers wrong, she asks Haru for her opinion. Haru said “forgiveness” and Tokaku didn’t believe it was true but since she got nothing to lose anyway, she answered it with forgiveness and Kaiba said that it was correct. It’s impossible to find just one answer to this question. The world is filled with a lot of things.


There weren’t really any yuri scenes in the first couple of episodes. The closest you can probably get is a hug and that time when Tokaku flipped Haru’s skirt up so she can take a look at the scars on her legs. What I’m really obsessing right now is the opening song. I just love it! The video, the song, it’s awesome.

I read the manga first before I saw the anime so I kind of knew what was coming. But it was still good. Nothing really happened in the first episode though. The characters were introduced and the target was confirmed. It’s in episode 2 where things really start turning. Everybody’s gonna make a move and try to kill Haru. *squeel* I hope the next episode has a lot of action in it. I can’t wait!


Haikyuu!! (First Impressions)



Haikyuu!! is finally out and I am loving it! I’d never thought I would watch volleyball anime. This sport has never really been my thing but it’s really cool how it’s Boys’ Volleyball. So I was thinking, “Wow, it’s kind of rare for me to see guys play volleyball so Imma watch it.” And it turned out better than I expected. The first episode was like “WOAH” for me. I didn’t know volleyball could be that exciting cuz I mean I’ve always been terrible at volleyball, always scared of the ball. I just really like it, the first episode was exciting. 

Summary: A chance event triggered Hinata Shouyou’s love for volleyball. His club had no members, but he somehow made it into his first and final middle school match with a team he made at the last minute. He ended up playing against Kageyama Tobio, a superstar player known as “King of the Court” and was sadly defeated. Vowing revenge, Hinata applied to Karasuno High School Volleyball club only to come face-to-face with his hated rival Kageyama.


Shouyou (orange hair) is energetic and positive and Kageyama looks like the “always pissed off” type so I guess you could say they’d be the kind who hates each other. In the first episode when they did a match, nobody took Shouyou’s team seriously, nobody except Kageyama. I guess everyone in his team besides Shouyou didn’t really know how to play volleyball so their opponents were very laid back. Shouyou shocked Kageyama with his jump and how fast he was. Shouyou’s team lost in the end and the game didn’t last long but it was a good game. I really liked how Shouyou would always dive for the ball and run for it even though there’s no way he could make it. 


Shouyou specializes in jumping to compensate for his lack of height. Honestly, when I saw him he did look like a shrimp but when I saw him jump, I thought he was pretty cool. So right now, he’s my favorite character. I mean look at that pose…. perfection!

So I recommend you guys try watching episode 1. It’s still ongoing of course, it’s only in it’s 1st episode.

Man, sports anime just grabs me and don’t let go. Have you ever felt that way? -R!n



This is seriously a MUST WATCH anime. I really enjoyed watching this because, well, it’s mystery and I love mystery. But it’s not all mystery, it also has action and comedy. I’m hoping for a 2nd season because (SPOILER) they left you hanging at the end.

Summary: “Minimum” – a special inborn power found in a limited number of human beings known as “minimum holders.” In Yokohama, a group of detectives called Hamatora becomes involved in an investigation concerning a serial killer killing minimum holders like them.

So Minimum holders are basically people who have special abilities that are activated when a certain condition is meant. For example, your power will only activate if you take off your glasses.


Nice (one with headphones) and Murasaki (one with glasses) are known as the “Minimum Holder PI duo.” Ironically, Nice is not that nice lol, although he does care for his friends. He takes jobs based on their content, not on their reward. Nice possesses supernatural abilities of “seeing” sounds and uses it to travel in the sound waves itself. The requirement for this ability is that he has to put on his headphones that he carries all the time and snap his fingers everytime he goes to sonic mode. Murasaki usually takes on jobs based on the reward, not the content itself which usually causes an argument between him and Nice. He is also very sincere and considerate of others. Murasaki’s ability is activated when he removes his glasses. His body hardens, giving him strength beyond a normal body could muster.


Art is the superintendent of the Yokohama Police Department. He doesn’t possess a Minimum and has known Nice since he was a kid. Art is said to have shown potential for having a Minimum but was never able to actualize it. Although it may not seem like it, but Art is a very important character in the story. You will know once you watch it. So… watch it 🙂


Birthday (yes that’s his name) is a jolly, laid back person. He is usually grinning, even in battle. Birthday’s minimum allows him to control electricity when he bites directly on anything with an electrical current. He activates his abilities by biting the end of a taser. He carries that taser everywhere he goes. I like him because



Ratio is a doctor and Birthday’s partner. Ratio has the ability to observe the muscular structure of his opponents, which allows him to easily find their weak spots. His ability is activated when he takes off his eye patch on his right eye. Ratio’s arms are also made out of solid material (as you see in the picture above), which allows him to pack a punch during battle. Ratio and Birthday have known each other since they were kids. I think it’s pretty cool that he has golden arms and an eyepatch. Y’know I’ve always wanted to wear an eyepatch in the beginning of High School but never got to XD

hamatora honey and three


Honey (the girl) and Three are usually always together. They’re partners. Honey met Three when she was very young and was the first the accept him after he has failed to save a group of children. After that, Three has promised to protect Honey for the rest of his life. Honey’s minimum utilizes a device that looks like a tablet to see 10 minutes into the future. Using this device, she can view what’s going to happen in a certain place in the next 10 minutes but she can only view a small part of the city. She activates this by biting a tiger shaped sweet that looks like a lolipop.

Three was once a mercenary who could kill multiple men without getting hurt. Three is able to unleash his inner beast by holding the Bible and asking the Lord for forgiveness. With this, he can become really strong, like a beast. He may not look it but he actually likes to read manga lol He also runs and orphanage.

hamatora last


You guys should really watch this anime. Even Hajime-chan recommends it. It’s really cool. My favorite is Hajime (the one in the hat). Hajime loves food. I’m not really sure what her power is but apparently she becomes really strong when she’s hungry lol. Another one of my favorite is Birthday. Mainly because of his name and he’s funny.

The names of the people in this anime are kind of weird but awesome. It only has 12 short episodes so you would be able to watch it. But it did hint that there would a continuation because it said To be continued at the end of episode 12.

There are some really crazy sh*t in this anime. Like in the last couple of episodes, sh*t gets real. And when you find out the reason to why the serial killer is targeting minimum holders, you are gonna flip. Well I flipped so I don’t know about you. XD So anyways watch it! 🙂 -R!n

Kuroko no Basket


So I just finished Kuroko no Basket S2 today so I thought I’d write this. Did I mention that I love sports anime? Basketball is one of my favorite sports so I really enjoyed watching this. It really inspires me to just go out there and start playing. I really enjoy watching them play against each other and it’s funny too. Kuroko no Basket is a must watch anime. Sometimes when I see their new tricks I’m like, “Can people in real life actually do that?” They look so cool! :3 And…… muscles!


(Left to Right: Seijuro Akashi, Midorima Shintaro, Aomine Daiki, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryota, Murasakibara Atsushi.) The Generation of Miracles is an all-star team of Teiko Junior High. The team won the Junior High Nationals for three consecutive years. They are recognized as the best players in the league. Their talents are far beyond a regular player. After graduation Junior High, all 6 players are now scattered across 6 different schools.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but all their names have colors in them that match the colors of their hair with the exception of Kuroko (Kuro=black). People are wondering why Kuroko’s hair isn’t black. Well, I think it’s because the meaning behind his name doesn’t refer to his hair but to his role. He said that he was a shadow and shadow’s are black. This is just my opinion though. Aomine (Ao=blue), Midorima (Midori=green), Murasakibara (Murasaki=purple), Kise (Ki=yellow), Akashi (Aka=red), and Momoi (their manager in Teiko) (momo=pink). 



Seirin High’s basketball team only consists of 1st years and 2nd years. It was formed by Kiyoshi Teppei. Their coach is a high school girl Aida Riko who is also the daughter of a trainer. Seirin High is noted for having exceptional high-leveled run and gun style. Their offense is considered one of the best in the region. Their main line up is composed of the rookie duo Kuroko and Kagami, “Iron Heart” Kiyoshi, Clutch Shooter Hyuuga, and Control Tower Izuki. I like their team, they’re fun 🙂 I also love their coach. Because of her gender and age, people think she’s the manager. Because her dad’s a trainer, she’s good at identifying your physical status. 


This dog is Tetsuya #2. He’s named that because of how his eyes looked like Kuroko’s. He’s so adorable! Both him and Kuroko.


My favorite player is Aomine Daiki. I just love the way he plays. Aomine was the ace player of the Generation of Miracles and the former partner of Kuroko. When they were still in Junior High, Aomine was outgoing and friendly. He actually smiled a lot back then. Because he loves basketball, he trained and got stronger up to the point where he often completely crush his opponents’ will to play. He searched for someone who could possibly beat him but never found them. Because of this, he got to the conclusion that nobody will be able to beat him. His famous quote is, “The only one who can beat me, is me.” Aomine showed some kind of admiration towards Kuroko. (I love both of them! especially when they’re together and playing basketball!)

Aomine is literally a monster in basketball. He’s extremely fast, extremely strong, and extremely skillful. Aomine learned to play basketball on the streets without lessons. He’s play is known to be limitless. He uses many feints, unnecessary movements, and doesn’t play a standard form of basketball. He can score many creative baskets and can also get a shot off from essentially any position on the court, therefore making him unpredictable. And this is why he’s my favorite 😀


Because they’re so cute in this picture! >.< They’re all so happy, I wish they’d be like this in the end.


Yeah, you should definitely watch this, both season 1 and season 2. Season 3 probably won’t be out for a while. I get the feeling that I’m gonna have to wait for another year. *sigh* Well, hopefully it’s gonna be good. I can’t wait! :3 -R!n

Non Non Biyori


Non Non Biyori is a slice of life anime. It shows you what they do in their everyday lives. Ichijou Hotaru and her parents moved from Tokyo to the middle of the country. She goes to a school where there are only a total of 5 students and a teacher in the whole campus. The school consists of a 1st grader, a 5th grader, a 7th grader, an 8th grader, and a 9th grader. This anime just basically shows you their lives in the country. I like it. It has a soothing feeling to it and it’s funny. I mean seriously, imagine you going to a school with only 5 people. That’s…wow. And there’s barely any stores in here. The closest you can get is a candy store. It’s like a one big family in a little village where people don’t have to lock their houses because everyone’s that nice. In the school, one of the teacher’s student is her sister and 3 other students are siblings. I would actually love to live in a peaceful place like this once in a while. 


My favorite character is this girl right here, the one holding a recorder and has purple hair. Her name is Miyauchi Renge. Renge is a very random child who likes to make up her own words (like what she’s saying in the picture. It’s her own way of saying good morning) and songs. She usually wears a poker face but she also shows other expressions. Despite her blank expression, she is very friendly and social. She is loved by all characters, I mean it’s kind of hard not to. She is so cute and I love how random she is. It’s especially cute when she starts staring at one of the characters. :3


(From left to right) Ichijou Hotaru, Koshigaya Natsumi, Miyauchi Renge, Koshigaya Komari. Ok so judging from their height, you’d probably think that the tallest one is the oldest. Well you’re wrong, Komari is actually the oldest (the one on the far right). Hotaru is actually a 5th grader, Renge’s a 1st grader, Natsumi’s a 7th grader, and Komari is an 8th grader. When you get to one of the episodes where they go to the beach, it’s really hard to tell that Hotaru’s a 5th grader. 

ImageOk so this is Hotaru now.

Image This was Hotaru last year.

Like seriously, how does someone grow that fast?! I wanna know her secrets T.T Hotaru also admires her senpai, Komari.


My second favorite is Natsumi. She is seriously hilarious. She is really energetic and irresponsible. She can’t sit still and she likes to make everything fun and that’s what I like about her. She is often scolded by her mom about her grades and stuff like not cleaning her room. When her mom starts getting mad she calls it the Armageddon. I love how she exaggerated that, it’s so funny. She usually hides her report cards and test scores from her mom. I mean who wouldn’t with those scores? My mom would kill me if my grades were that bad. Natsumi is such a comedian.


Then there’s this guy, Suguru, Komari and Natsumi’s older brother. He’s a ninth grader and her never talks in the anime. He participates in some stuff but you never hear him say a word. There was a time where he almost spoke but was interrupted by someone. He’s actually really good at guitar and some other stuff too, like studying, falling into a hole in the school, and making anime cat figurines out of clay. This guy just seems like he has no care in the world. He let his sister make him into a scarecrow. 

So you know if you have time you should watch this. It may be boring in the beginning but it gets funnier. It only has 12 short episodes. I watched this in one day so you should be able to make some time. If you’re looking for an easygoing anime to watch, you should watch Non Non Biyori.

Ok STORY TIME: There was actually this one part in the show where one of the girls (Natsumi) was putting some pepper in her noodles. You know how there’s like little holes on the container so that only a little pepper would come out? Well the cap fell off so all the pepper inside fell in. And my brothers and I laughed at this. And while we were laughing I was putting some pepper on my breakfast. I was all like, “How stupid,” while I laughed and then the same thing happened to me, the cap fell off and I ended up eating a bowl full pepper. Haha


Blood Lad (SPOILER Alert!)



Summary: Staz Blood is a vampire boss of a section of the demon world. Despite being a vampire, he’s more interested in the Japanese culture than he is in human blood. When he learned that Yanagi Fuyumi, a Japanese teenage girl, accidentally wanders into the demon world, he jumps to the occasion. But while he was dealing with an intruder in his territory, Fuyumi is killed by a monster and turns into a wandering ghost. Staz vows to her that he will find a way to bring her back to life. 


This is a really funny anime and you guys should watch it. My favorite character is Staz’s little sister, Liz. She may act all tough but behind that mask, literally behind a mask, is an adorable little girl! She’s so cute, I wanna hug her. Liz is in charge of keeping order in Hell, determining whether an individual is guilty or not and gives punishment to those who are guilty. Liz feels rejected by her oldest brother Braz as he pays more attention to Staz. This caused her to despise Staz. Liz tries to act to be the “good girl” his oldest brother wants him to be. Liz is a very lonely girl wit no friends, but later in the story she grows fond of Fuyumi after she tells her she’ll always be with her. 


Look at this adorable face :3



And this is Hydra Bell, a sorceress of the highest quality. Bell is a bubbly person, but she’s also smart and clever. She is attracted to powerful men, which is one of the reasons why she fell in love with Staz. She is really good at using spatial magic, the ability to travel through space and transport just about anywhere, kind of like a magic portal. Although, she requires a frame to do this kind of magic. I like her because she’s funny.



Ok, so apparently Bell and Fuyumi are sisters. It is said that demons have a doppelganger (a look alike) in the human world. If both doppelgangers meet, they both combine as one. One day, Bell and her demon mother went to the human world where her mother meets Fuyumi’s mom. Of course, Fuyumi and Bell were young and didn’t know this. Neyn, whose body contains both mothers decided to live in the demon world which was a hard decision for her since she had to leave Fuyumi behind (of course Fuyumi’s dad was there to take care of her). So when Fuyumi entered the demon world, Neyn ordered her son, Knell, to bring her to her for a reunion.

So all this got me thinking, what if I have a doppelganger? Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d be scared though. haha


Oh yeah, this is how she looks after the combination. 🙂


Yeah, you gotta watch this. That’s Fuyumi by the way :3 It’s really funny and it only has 10 episodes. Not that long, so you can watch it easily. 😀 Well see ya. I’m playing Pokemon right now xD -R!n 

Sakura Trick Episode 9 (HAHA)



Ok so in this episode I was hoping that they’d kiss like usual. I’m not saying that they did not kiss, cuz they did. But they weren’t shown. In the first part, Haruka and Yuu were talking on the phone. Before hanging up, Yuu kissed her phone, as if kissing Haruka and Haruka did the same. It’s like a “Kiss me through the phone” thing. 



And there’s also the part where Haruka and Yuu took a detour on the way to school. Their friends thought it was weird on how they would take the long way instead of the short one, so they tailed them. When they got there, they were nowhere to be found so they thought they were in those round things (picture above) and they were. You can totally hear them moaning and all that so it’s safe to assume that they were kissing but it wasn’t shown. (They didn’t get caught by the way).


The only kiss that was shown in this episode was this here (pic above) even though it was only in the forehead. So unexpected though. President Mitsuki tripped and Haruka went to catch her, but this happened. LOL I wonder if the Pres is satisfied now. Of course after that, she ran away at full speed. 

Haha! -R!n